Sunday, 29 April 2012


A busy month has ended,
after all the hectic schedule and wonderful holidays,
finally, 30th April 2012 comes.
few hours more to step in the KLIA,

Time to move out from the comfort zone is knocking the door,
its the time to be independent, be stronger, be more grateful to HIM.

Think positive hariyani,
tajdid niat, relax and keep praying to HIM.
Don't let the butterflies in your stomach ruin your dream and jihad.

Don't say "goodbye" but say " ilalliqa (semoga berjumpa lagi)",
Take care everyone.. Thank you for everything.
only Allah can repay your kindness.
i hope u can always pray for me cause i deadly need your doa.

Imam Bukhari menuturkan sebuah riwayat dari Abu Sa’id al-Khudriy, bahawasanya ia berkata:

“Rasulullah SAW ditanya, siapakah orang yang mulia (utama)? Beliau menjawab,
 “Seorang laki-laki yang berjihad di jalan Allah.” [HR Bukhari]

- salam jihad -

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