Monday, 30 January 2012


Though u don't say anything,
i know you more than them,
i felt your tears..

I know I was wrong, I know I messed up,
i screw up a lot, and that's why I'm sitting here typing this up.

I am sorry that I hurt you ,
you are my best friend,
I still can't believe that i have neglected you..
but i realize its true..I owe you an apology...and I guess this is the right time...

I am a Criminal, hurting you was my crime...
never wanted to let you down, never wanted to see you frown....
I am having this feeling and I am so down...
it wasn't my intentions to make you sad, it's that all the things I did for you went bad..
i promised to meet u this week, to spend my times with u,
enjoying the moon besides the pool,
having the last pillow talk,
but the deal is broken.

i know how u feel,
u feel inferior, u feel alone,
u feel that i don't care u anymore,
it has been so long that i didn't share my happiness n sadness with u,
i didn't text u often, i kept a lot of secret,
maybe u think that i betrayed u cause i got new friends,
i didn't appreciate our friendship..
But no ! you are wrong,

now i feel that we are apart, not as close as the past.
that was very hard to accept,I am feeling like burdened, like I have a debt...

Punish me,forgive me,that is what I need...
I just want to undo my wrong deed,I can't sing, I can't dance...
all I need is another chance...
I just want you to know, that I still care..
i still love u like what i did before

Please Forgive me,that is all what I can say.
I don't want to live like this, it's becoming harder day by day...
im gonna be away soon,
and it will be in march,
damn, we got not much time to chat,
seriously i feel bad,i regret that i haven't spend enough times with u,
INDIA and MALAYSIA, the journey cant end in a noon,
but after all,
please bear in mind that u are always in my heart,
i have carved ur name in my doa..though we don't chat or even text,
i know i miss u a lot..


I'm sorry :(

Thursday, 26 January 2012

just be yourself
there is no point to keep on changing ur special + unique characters because of others,
changing to get respect, to boast around,
that is called HIPOCRIT !
changing to be better is not a crime *quoted by ainatul asyila..

love yourself, appreciate your abilities,
because Allah has created you in the best ways,
to be the most special one :)

hari bersama mazie

maziah n her siblings

we had a marvelous lunch at windmill, MMU..
semua cerita keluar, yg da basi pun ada,
♥ gila ♥ mad ♥ crazy
well, thats us..
i fetched her *susah betul pegi rumah org kaya ni
i had to stop down at the guard post..
gossip girl wooo~ but we didn't talk bad things la.. kan maziah kan>?
just childhood stories..
anyway, I'm proud of u for ur amazing final result..
3.9 is freaking good babe !
alhamdulilllah, all the hard works beared fruits..
strive harder for ur degree yea..
n dont forget to search for A SPECIAL BOY FRIEND..
I'm looking forward to meeting the lucky boy..huhuhu
maziah, take care there..
study well yea *jgn nak tidur je
hope to see u soon girl :)

....thankx for the awesome day, i can't stop from laughing....

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

kereta tu

putra hospital,
24 january 2012,
9 pm,
ziarah dr. alwi (kawan ayah)

a short conversation ,
mel : ayah, mel dah lama xnaik kereta tukan? (pointing towards the wheelchair)
ayah : haish mel ni..
mama : mel, jangan ingat lagi..stop

4 tahun sudah berlalu,
Alhamdulillah DIA masih sudi pinjamkan aq ke dunia,
Kalau xpernah sakit, mungkin aku xfaham perasaan org sakit,
betapa seksanya nak solat, nak makan, nak gerak,
mungkin aq xkan faham ape fungsi wad kecemasan, ape MRI, ape phisiotheraphy,
mungkin aku xkan hargai org2 di sekelilingku,
mungkin aq xsedar mama n ayah sgt sayang aq,
mungkin aq xkan dapat nilai siapa kawan siapa lawan,
mungkin aku xbersyukur dgn kesihatan yang ada,
setiap dugaan tu pasti ada hikmahnya,
itu janji Allah,
sabar dan redha kuncinya.
kesembuhan ini InsyaAllah akan aku manfaatkannya.
TQ Allah.
TQ to those who care me the most when i was warded...
TQ for ur doa, ur concern and ur strenght,
terima kasih sebab sabar dgn kerenah saya masa sakit,

NurFadhilah Zainuddin, NurSyakirin Yaacob, Haizeer Zainal,
and of course my parents.

-Semoga Allah memelihara kalian-

Monday, 23 January 2012


im scared of chicken,
i used to throw a dream for the extinction of chicken,
i know its bad.. but i SERIUSLY can't live peacefully when there are chickens nearby..
*ok i don't mind if u are laughing..

A fact to be shared is chickens have feelings ! OMG !

More specifically, they have empathy -- the ability to feel the emotions of other chickens,
if you are what you eat, then there may be a good reason why you have sudden anxiety that drumstick you're gnawing on may have felt the same way.

This means, chicken eaters, that it's possible the birds you eat have the ability to

"feel the pain" of their neighbours in

high-stress situations, such as when birds are being gathered for slaughter.

The researchers literally "ruffled the feathers" of chicks with puffs of air and measured the reponses of their mothers.

The hens' heart rate increased, their eye temperature lowered -- a recognised stress sign -- and they became increasingly alert. Levels of preening were reduced, and the hens made more clucking noises directed at their chicks.

Whatever its,
right this minute,
i can't eat eggs due to my ALLERGY.

BB pin

Recently, she bought a blackberry phone..

She asked for my pin yesterday...

She added me in her contact..

That is Afifah Mohd Sukor.

My ex-housemate, my imam and my good advisor in hostel.

We had a short conversation,

She was busy with her assigments,

Studying optometry in Cardiff UK is not a simple job,

But she managed to sail well.

One of her question was,

( yani, hows ur tahajjud at home? Aq kat sini susah nak teruskan )

*but I know she still can wake up in the middle of night to pray n zikir,

I know you fifah..

If u said u are bad, I am double or triple bad girl..

The innocent face that u own, sincerity in every actions u did,

They reflected everything about you.

And my replied was,

Same goes to me la dear,

Iman ni naik turun je, Lemah gila.

So the point is… She always remind me to Allah,

though she is miles away from me, UK and Malaysia,

OMG its not near maaaann !

We often got a simple quarrel to be the makmum,

she will qamat before i said "ALLAH....,

Her voice and tajwid were great,

Her freaking favourite surah is Luqman I guess..* coz she often read it.

I saw a checklist in her face everytime I looked at her,

What checklist ?

She listed down all the ibadah that she should do in each particular day,

That is AMAZING !

And she will tick it one by one after she did it..

What a great woman she is.. and she is my friend !

She hates cat and I hate chicken,

Im proud to be one of her super good clown,

She often laughed at my jokes though its not funny at all,

She accepts me for the way I am.

She never bullied me in hostel..

She said that she pity me cause I am just a small kid,

She is a good girl.


i hope that we can always remind each other to be better,

distance doesnt separate our heart right?

i did A LOT OF SINS..

I love u .

Take care there.. thankx for being my REMINDER.

May Allah bless u and repay ur kindness.

first gold

Masjid al azim,
9 am,
23rd January 2012.

A day with Dr. Zahazan

I received the foods for my rohani , alhamdulillah, and it will be shared with u guys.

He said :

1) What does the title DR. mean to Allah ? Its nothing. Its just a title given by weak creatures. So why should u boast around with it? You might look great + good in dunia, but what about your position in HIS eyes? Please know that the title IMAM means a lot. They are the one who can guide u to the JANNAH. InsyaAllah. An imam is a person who talks about Allah, works for the sake of Allah. They are the muslim’s leaders.

2) Imam Bukhari was born blind. He had a single parent,his mom. Due to the poverty, her mom kept on doa everyday so that her son can see the world just like others and survive better. It happened for two years..One fine day, finally imam bukhari opened his eyes. This teaches us how valuable mom'd do a is. There will be no hijab for their doa. Its amazing ! Her mom vowed to let him be the hadith narrator.

3) In order to be a good ummah :

· You have to choose the right friends. Friends that are soleh and solehah, who can advise you and remind you to Allah and HIS blessings.

· Keep believing HIM, stay calm and redha when you encounter those musibah.

· Doa , doa , and doa as much as you can

· Spread ISLAM, because dakwah is an obligation lead to all muslims.

I believe that dakwah is one of my responsibility as a muslimah. So, take the good values, and leave the negative ones yea. I always welcome you guys to correct me if there are faults in those words that i shared.