Sunday, 8 April 2012


owh yea, everything turns upside down. Too many things to be settled down. i got a hectic schedule : ( I'm sorry if i couldn't intertain anyone in the mean time. hope u get it. sorry in advance.

12 - 17 april : away to perth
18 april : otordentic appointment for my braces
20 april : away to padang, indonesia
21, 22 april : visa application at indian embassy KL.
23 - 27 april : Medical school orientation at shah alam
28 april : opening ceremony for my mom's boutique at MITC
29 april : packing, weighing stuffs
30 april : i will be far from all of u.. depart to Bangalore INDIA at 10pm.

to those i have promised to hangout, I'm sorry i couldn't make it. i have to break the promises. :( There were 6 of u, yin , alifah, halim, abg azrin n kak khatty, vincent.. I'm so sorry. See u at the airport yea.

-sincerely, hariyani


  1. Aku???:( alaaa sedih!!!cian ko bz!:'(

  2. jajajaaa.. I'm sorry too. c u in my doa k "."