Tuesday, 28 February 2012


can i say i miss her ? *just woke up from bed
i miss those moments when we smiled n cried together !
rindu nak suruh dia suapkan makanan : (
she really cares about me, she loves me for the way i am,
she accepts me for my wrong deeds,
she will always be with me no matter what happen..
i always cry on her shoulders,
she lends me her hands when i need helps,
her ears are always ready to listen to my bad + good words, n everytg yg saya rungutkan : (
tangan dia yg selalu wipe my tears : (
thank you for everytg!
right now , i REALLY miss u dear sis : (

-with love, mel-

Monday, 27 February 2012


his birthday, his born day !
the great man : )

we celebrated it yesterday,
0n 27.02.12.. at holiday inn hotel.
kami selalunya akan celebrate any events on the night before the date.

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day, but...hurm. We went to Putrajaya. I was not in the pink of health..So my mood swung ! Ayah ajak berbual n discuss some matter but i seemed to be deaf, jawab sepatah due je..Im sorry, seriously i couldn't show any smile on my face, i just wished to stay home n sleep. My throat was really horrible, aaah terrible as well. Together with my blocked nose, n severe headache.. I'm sure u can imagine how its right ? I'm weak, thought it sounds simple, but i didn't ever manage to bear with the sore throat since i was a primary kid. Its just like patches clothing that hurt me so much .. We stopped by at the stall, he said to me, lebih kurang macamnila :

“Tidak ada kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang menimpa (seseorang) melainkan dengan izin Allah,dan sesiapa yang beriman kepada Allah, Allah akan memimpin hatinya (untuk menerima apa yang telah berlaku itu dengan tenang dan sabar),dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu”.(at tagaabun:11)

and teringat ila post kat fb :

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya, melainkan Allah akan mengugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang mengugurkan daun-daunnya. (H.R. Bukhari)

i tried to be happy, i tried to be talkative, i tried to respond to him... aaaaa but i couldn't ! and berlarutanla smp ke tgahari, i went to the pharmacy n bought difflame.. i need my drugs ! huh.. heeee then everytg went well.. i smiled, i laughed n we had our lunch at gardens, alamanda together with my mum ! cakap pasal alamanda, teringat alifah dgn fadhilah yg selalu lepak alamanda..mereka stdy kat bangi, so dekatla dgn putrajaya ni..guess what, i sat on the white swing with him ! so sweet meyh : ) *mama jealous!
mcm biasala, da buat salah mesti minta maaf kan?

mel :ayah, mel minta maaf tadi mel serious xde mud, tekak mel skt sgt *innocent face

ayah : its ok, ayah faham.. mcmane mel nak pg INDIA ni? kalau sakit tekak lg how? sinus mel ni makin teruk kan..ayah xde nak layan mel..u are my young daughter even mel da besar pun , mel tetap same mcm kecik2 duluu..**pegang jarl ayah.. this is my habit when i was a small kid.. ! *his serene face

dulu masa sekolah, kalau sakit tekak, yin dgn dila yg paling risau. dorang mesti akan msg n kept track on my health cause they felt my pain..thank both !

as we reached home, dengarla azan maghrib, terus mandi, solat n siap utk dinner. It was raining instensely. We drove separate cars. Bila smp Holiday Inn, aaa xde parking ! but thank allah, suddnly 2cars emptied the parking lots. Thats is the power of being patience kan?
ayah memang xsuka tengok perempuan yg berpakaian xsempurna ni, i mean the mini skirt with sleeveless blouse..gelak kuat2.. they are singers kat hotel tu..double hatred sbb ayah xsuka music ! rumah kami xde radio, dalam kereta pun pasang CD mengaji.. its crystal clear la kan he reaally hatees music ! hurm that bunch of women duduk bersebelahan dgn meja kami pulak. huh ! again, his mood spoiled.. he didnt talk much though we tried to crack jokes.. but the mini jolts didnt fill the air..the jokes didnt bear fruit..nak ambil gambar pun die seemed so reluctant.

when i reached home, i got a call saying that my relative had just passed awy.. hurm what a gloomy day maaaan ! the bufday bash was ruined. sadness overhwelmd us.. yea me, him, my mum n all.. dugaan kan? redha, " kullu nafsin zaa iqatul mautt".. innalillah..al fatihah for her.

lpas da selesai semua, esok tu we went home which was this morning. Suddnly terlintas kat kepala, nak ambil gambar dgn ayah so that kat India nanty bolehla tengok2 gambar, i wana hug him.. dgn baju kurung putih, trun kereta je i hugged him n my mum took our picture ! heeee : )

the grief moment ended.. semuanya datang dari Allah, yg baik itu dari dia, yang buruk itu kelemahan kami.. yeaa sdh sbb birthday dia tahun ni xhappening or even fun mcm tahun lepas.. hadiah pun beli wallet Bonia je sbb xtawu nak beli ape as he got piles of kemeja yg belum dipakai, 1 box pens yg belum diguna.. n semuanya die sudah ada. He is so trifty, dia xmembazir, act those stuff tu pun kami yg beli for him either on bufday, or any other special days..
my words was :

" ayah, happy birthday ! mel sayang ayah. Mel doakan supaya Allah sntsa bersama ayah xkira masa sng or susah, hope ayah sntsa shat, tabah n happy mcm selalu.,Doakan mel jd good girl, good muslimah n sntasa berjaya in whatever i do..Doakan mel happy n dpt suami yg amazing mcm ayah ye.mel percaya yg redha Allah terletak pda redha ibu-bapa.. itu janji DIA kan ayah..please ayah redhakan semua yg mel buat ea. thankx ! *kisses n big hug* "

i dont hesitate to ask for his doa, kiss him or even hug him.. cause i know HE just lends my dad to me, not give..he belongs to HIM, someday he won't be mine. So, i really have to appreciate his entity.

-with love, mel-

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happy Birthday Princess

its my sis birthday !
dear nor ainatul asyila...
happy birthday princess, 26.02.1992..
semoga ulang tahun kamu this year brings u happiness n joy,
offer chances n more oppurtiny for u to be a superb muslimah vet,
may u live well there, may u stay well there.. may ur dreams come true..
may allah bless u, may ur entity ends in the heaven : )
i love u small sista !

p/s: dialing up ur hp num 0061 + 4 + ........., yeayy i got u with the romantic voice,huhuhuhu :P
gud luck for yr first day of stduyg, gud luck for the first step in veterinary science !
trust me u will do well,insyaallah !

-with ♥ , mel-

Saturday, 25 February 2012

-peter parker-

somehow, its true..
burdens are to be free but success is not free.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

my grandma

she will undergo an operation tomorrow,
something is wrong with her eyes..
i just can't describe the disease..

without her, ill never have a wonderful mom,
without her, ill never stand still in this fantastic world.

May Allah ease u, nenek.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is one of the safest and most versatile natural supplements.

Friends, to be short..

Evening Primrose oil contains gamma-linolenid acid, GLA. Its actually an essential fatty acid thought to have anti-infallamatory and others healing properties. When ingested, GLA is converted to prostaglandins,compounds that help to regulate several bodily functions.

mind to know ? lets read it loud : )

Evening primrose oil is perhaps best known for its ability to ease symptoms of several female problems which are :
1) pre-menstrual syndrome
2) endometriosis
3) fibrocystic breasts
4) enzema.

During menstruation, sebenarnya badan kita akan release prostaglandins. Prostaglandins yg dikeluarkan oleh badan kita ni yg buat kita senggugut due to muscle cramps. So, kita perlukan GLA dalam Evening Primrose Oil sebab GLA ni akan ditukarkan kepada prostaglinds yg akan interfere the production of the bad prostaglandins oleh badan kita, this will eventually help alleviate menstrual cramps. Supplement ni pun lessen pre-menstrual breast tenderness.

Fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil are believed to reduce breast inflammation for women suffering from fibrocystic breasts. It is also thought to aid in the absorption of iodine, which is often decreased in women suffering from this condition. Actually, bila badan kita xle nak absorb iodine efficiently, kita akan suffer from muscle cramps.. xkisahla kat anggota mane pun, tp bg wanita, we will probably kena senggugut kalau kurang iodine dalam badan.

For eczema pulak, eczema terjadi sebab badan xmampu nak metabolise fat dgn sebaiknya. Sufferers selalunya xle nak convert fat tu jd GLA. So bila kurang GLA, kulit akan senang gatal-gatal, kering dan mengelupas. In this case,evening primrose oil can be taken orally or applied as a topical cream. Dah alang-alang cakap pasal eczema ni, aq ade terbaca satu artikel which stated that coconut oil boleh cure penyakit ni, just apply minyak kelapa kat kulit yang bermasalah tu, then it will heal soon. Sebab myk kelapa tu ade byk lauric acid.

Dementia and Alzheimer's patients may also benefit from taking evening primrose oil. The supplement is thought to aid and strengthen nerve impulses, thereby repairing some of the memory loss associated with these disorders.

Tetapi, ade keburukannya jugak, mind to scroll ? baca ni :

The only severe side effect is a possible increased risk of epilepsi lobus temporal pada pesakit skizofrenia yang mengambilsejenis ubat yang dipanggil dadah epileptogenic phenothiazine.
Patients suffering mania xle ambil supplement ni, because it is speculated that evening primrose oil may make their symptoms worse. Mania tu depression. Lastly, It is generally recommended that pregnant women do not take evening primrose oil, because it may alter the composition of breast milk.
anyway, semua ni mcm xde kaitan je dgn korg kan?
so why don't korg try makan benda ni, it works !! serious ~

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL ni bole dapat kat farmasi : )

Saturday, 18 February 2012

yeaayy, glad that u are happy there !
tc ila : )


insan-insan yg terlibat are...
nurfadhilah, nur alifah, nur lubna, siti hajar, raudhah, fathin ain and of course me.
its the day ! : (
everything turned up side down,
lets begin the story.

" Slm, mel,ila bru bce ur last msg hr tu betol2..hehe..hr tu xabis bace..
of course i wont forget u..:) Insyaallah k? "
-3.04 am, 18.02.2012-

and my last message was on 15.02.2012 when i visited her at air kangkung.

" ila, mel xsnggah lame td,mel xnk ngs dpn ila,tp smp simpang tu meleleh gak :( xtawu apasl sedih sgt,
im supposed to be happy ila nk g sane smbg blaja,but i just can't lie that i seriously feel I'm gonna lost u :(
tu je yg mel mampu nak beli,duit gaji da hbs nta beli ape, nanty ila xlupe mel kan ?

jam da pukul 6pg, kedengaran alunan surah2 pilihan dari masjid UNITEN, alifah was the first one to wake up..the next one were me,lubna,ain and jaja. Dila tidur kat bilk dia. lepas solat je, tengok jam dah 6.30.. dalam otak da terfikir "eh, da 6setgah,plan kul 6suku,OMG da lambat ni"..kami gerak dr united around 7am,
mel naik kereta lubna, tghr wth dila.. jaja n ain naik kereta alifah. ok kami memang pecut hbs, lubna bawa 120 km/h and ade gak tertekan smp 140km/h..
*sorry ila, kitorg terpakse bawa laju2 :(

bila da 7sumtg,as we entered the KLIA tol, mel called ila, ila tgah ade briefg, so u asked us to meet ur parents kat L14. few minutes later, u called me! saying that 7.45 kena kumpul..huh ! allah je yg tawu camane gigilnya kepala lutut ni sbb takut xdpt jump ila..smp je kat parking, my phone rang.. i got a message from u :

air mate da start nak keluar..uissh mate ni.. explorace kami pun bermula, dr kereta ke lif.. bila trun je
tingkat 2, the real battle began.. mel dgn dila lari mcm nak rak ke L14, lubna and the gang ikut belakang..memang main redah je org kat situ..tengok2 L14 da kosong. mel trus call mama, mama ckp dia kat balai berlepas.. ok i saw ur parents dari jauh ! but where were u? xnampak pun ila..mane ila ? OMG : (
my mind said : be positive, ila pg toilet kut..
and that was wrong !!!

larian 4 by 100m akhirnya berakhir bila kami hanya mampu hug mama ! Allah je yg tawu mcmane perasaan mel mase call ila, n ila lambai kat kami dr bawah .
Ya Allah , kenape kenape kenape.????
i told ur mom : mel lambat sikit je aunty, sikit je, sikit aunty : (
memang meraung da mase tu : (
ayah ila pandang mel, i saw his crystal eyes..
mel rasa mcm xle terima realiti ila da turun.
rasa mcm xle terima kenyataan yg kami xsempat hug ila, xsempat bg pesanan terakhir kat ila.
mel RALAT sgt sbb xhug ila puas2 mase mel singgah uma ila aritu,
mel RALAT xbual2 dgn ila aritu, mel RALAT xmakan lunch dgn ila mase ila offer biskut kat mel aritu,
mel RALAT sbb xambil gmbar byk2 dgn ila aritu,
mel RALAT sbb xdapat bg love letter kat ila,
allah hai : (

mel pndg dila, dila pndg mel..kami nangis, bila jaja sampai, jaja ckp " ila mane ?da trun ea?" : (
mate lubna da berair, ain n alifah pun kecewa. terpaku kat situ, xmampu berkata-kata : (
jaja n lubna pun nangis.. first time tengok jaja nangis betul2 punya : (
"kita lambat sikit je weyh, kalau x da dpt hug ila"..
jaja , dila n alifah xsempat pass hadiah kat ila, so jaja terpakse baling dr tgkat atas..
Allah je yg tawu betape hancur berkecai hati ni bile tengok ila ambil kat atas lantai tu,

few minutes lepas tu, raudhah texted mel, die ckp da smp KLIA. mel trus call die suruh tgu kat old town..
i grabbed her.
kisah raudhah lg sayu, die gerak dr IPG kul 630pg, tp xde taxi yg stop utk ambil dorg..die n wardah
jalan 1km utk dptkan taxi..dorg naik train ke KLIA :(

dear ila, we really value our friendship.

mel tunjuk dia, "raudhah, tu ila.." n we called u ! ila pandang atas, ila lambai kami :(
jaja, dila, lubna, alifah n kami semua mengendeng kat cermin tu utk tengok ila..
rasa mcm budak tadika.. but who care !!! u r my sister !!! so we didn't bother!!

memang kami semua xle tahan air mate..serius xtipu ! then , kami pg ke hujung bangunan, kat hall yg nampak kapal terbang tu, ayah ila ckp cani
" agaknya mane satu kapl terbang ila?"
tp ayah ila memang cool ! then kitorg ambil gambar dgn mama n ayah ila..
ami yg tlg snapkan pics..
jaja said : "ila xde, so kitorg amek gambar dgn makcik pun jadila"..
mase tu still rase sebak jugak.. bila da peluk2 mama, ur dad said
" pakcik sebak tgk korang"..

lepas parents ila balik, kami stay kat hall tu jugak.. duduk bersila kat cermin, mengadu nasib..
berlinang air mata : (
Ya Allah, mel still xle terima yg kitorg xdapatt hug ila !!!!!!!!!
lambat sikit je dear, sikit je :(
betul ke ila akan pergi jauh dari kami ni ?
betul ke ? betul ke? aaaaaaaaa.. i can't accept that !
i felt like i would lost u and definitely I'm not strong enough to bear with it : (

persahabatan kita semua sgt bernilai kan ila?

ni janji kita kan ?

Ila, alhamdulillah ila da smp, mel tgu mel ila dr ptg tadi..

lepas zohor td, memang sedih gila bila doa.. sbb text doa tu da lain : (

jaga diri kat sane yea.
be happy, xmau sdh2 ok ?
blajar rajin-rajin..
jaga iman n jaga solat..
I'm sure that u will always be a good girl cause u are so superb, dear
just be yourself,
sentiase jadi ila yg comel mcm dulu, jd ila yg caring mcm dulu, jd ila yg rajin mcm dulu,
jd ila yg happy-go-lucky mcm dulu, bole?
bear in mind that ila sntiase ade kami..
so don't hesitate to share any with burdens with us can ?
don't ever hide ur problems from us cause u are our sister !!
salam sayang utk ila.
we love you * flying kisses *


-with love, mel-

Thursday, 16 February 2012


I'm sorry, i just can't keep smiling,
im gonna miss u, your jokes and your laughter.

counting hours~
take care ila,
semoga perjuangan anda dipermudahkan,
ila ade Allah, ila ade mel,
i love u dear !
be a good muslimah,InsyaAllah.

: (

-with love, mel-


well, this is my family cause we r siblings

Dear Allah, please ease her pain..

She is my precious sister, i used to be in her shoes before,
i know what she feels, i understand what she told me,
its hard to see her crying and i couldn't bear to see her tears rolling : (

I ll try my best for you,
Be strong my dear,
Hope that Allah will guide and ease you.
InsyaAllah, Have faith in HIM.

"Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya"
(al baqarah, 286)

Monday, 13 February 2012


-friendship will never end-

sounds familiar right ? but i have my own definition for it.
she is my friend, she is my sister as well.
the bond will never end, its eternal,
cause paradise will be the ending point,

loving u is a must, caring u is my pleasure,
being with u is what i treasure.

your words of cheer,
its what shaded my fears,
without ur spirit and strength, maybe I'm not here.

standing by ur side,
pouring tears on your shoulders,
holding hands, lending ears,
thats what make us stay together.

Dear sister,
our friendship costs an arms n legs,
its not a race and will never be replaced.
face to face,
breaking apart will be so hard,
cause the value is beyond the yard.
thank you for those countless hours that u spent for me,
thank you for lending me ur hands,
thank you for caring me more than a friend,
thank you for throwing advises on me to fill in my empty can,
thank you for holding my hands away from HIS gun.

ill be leaving soon,
we will be thousand miles apart,
but keep believing that " distance will never let our heart apart"..
May Allah bless u, May HE repay u with Jannah.
i love u more than what minds can flash,
i care u more than what words can describe,
i need you more than what heart can whisper,
InsyaAllah DOA will connect us.
Take care yin, my future lawyer.

-with love, mel -

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion [Lyrics]

specially dedicated for u, 225 and 213.
thank you for being my ears. thank you for everything !
*sorry if the song doesn't suit u, i seldom listen to music, ni pun main click2 je, sorry errghh : (

mylovely buddies. my precious friendship

213 . 225

Im here typing up this entry, just to say sorry. Yea I realise that I have changed a lot ! Im not so close to those who used to be my listeners, im not as crazy as before, i don't speak out as loud as before, MAYBE im not as nice as the past hariyani who really care about her best friends. By hook or by crook, she will do everything just to cheer them up. Even though if she needs to risk her life, she will do it for them. MAYBE I don’t appear to be that type anymore.But, before I start revealing, please bear in mind,





As expected, I knew this will happen soon. Its happening now. My sisters said this :

1) -You don’t care me just like before

2) ..You have found the one who can guide u better, not me.

3) ..You forget what I did for u

4) ..You have changed

5) I put a lot of burden on u, im sorry

6) ..You seldom spend time with us

7) ..You seldom hangout and meet us

I don’t have sisters. But I reckon them as my sisters cause they are not my friends. They care me more than what friends could do. They love n treat me as their baby girl. They do everything for me. They are in my sides, all the time though Im wrong. They come and visit me if Im not in the pink of health. They eat what I cook, they apprciate what I give. They don’t complain. They advise me when I go wrong. They know everything about me, even my self didn’t. They save my wrong deeds in the safe box. They are my ever good listeners. They are my loyal companions.

When I first started my life in Shah Alam, seriously I miss them a lot ! I was surrounded with those skema people, the book worms. All my hosemates are not my cup of tea. They are different. There came the moments when I cried on my own, I laughed alone cause evryone was so busy with their own life. But I learnt something there, we cant always depend on others cause we have Allah. I have to be strong. I have to be independent. Friends are gifts from Allah. Someday, Allah will pull them away from me, so I have to learn how to appreciate them even though distance separates us. DOA. DOA. That’s my gun. I used it to value my friendship. Its hard when I could just contact them on phone. They were busy, they had their own life, they had to study, and same goes to me.

There were moments when my sisters were not well, problems showered them. I remember when she cried on phone, telling me how sad she was, the guy hurted her. I knew how bad she felt.. How broken her heart and how depressed she was. How hard her life. She needed me. My exam was around the corner, I made a decision to take a train to reach her place. I must comfort her. But it was late in the evening, my housemtes didt allow me to do so. Dorang halang ! , “no u couldnt go alone hariyani, its dangerous “.

Poor hariyani, I could do nothing for her that time besides comforting her with messages and phone calls. But I always believe this. My DOA will heal them. Allah will listen to me.

My second sister felt sad. Someone bulied her in hostel. She couldn’t bear with that anymore. She cried to me on the line. She texted me and we had conversations. I worked hard to cheer her up cause I didn’t want to see her, sacrifying her study with tears. Dumping her books just because of the suck buddy! I was stuck in the same situation, nothing can be done except texting ang calling on phone. Advising and calming on the line were much different than holding hands and landing your heads on me.

Only DOA can give me a stir of pleasure when those I care the most were suffering from problems as well as illness.

*terpaksa cerita semua utk betulkan keadaan, semoga allah xclaim those I did as riak..hurm,

So, should I tell u guys that I doa for u everytime I pray and everytime when ur faces knocked off my minds? Should I tell u that I often cried because I feel ur burdens? Should u know how difficult i faced when I have to put aside our friendship for a while during my exams? Do u know how miserable I was when I herd that u were not well or u fall sick? Even just a simple flu? Sholud I tell u that I sticked up our photos on my wall and lockers, so that I will always miss u n pray for u ? Do u ever notice why I always asked u what time is ur exam?? But should I tell u that during ur exam’s hours, though my lecture was in the class, I sat at the last row, alone, so that I can split my mind and separate it into two, doa for u and lecture session? Should I tell u that I think of u everytime I eat, (agaknya dorang makan ape ea arini, dorang ade duit tak).. everytime I went to secret recipe, which is almost everyday, Ill sit and eat the cake cause I miss both of u ? Both of u used to feed me that cakes! Chocholate banana and rasberry cheese.. maybe korang pun xingat kan jenis cake yg mane, but I remember! perlu ke nak bgthu semua tu ?

U didt know that ! Though I seldom text or message both of u during my A level, u were always in my heart.

*im not a good muslimah, but I know the power of DOA.

*my classmates often scolded me if I couldnt’t study just because I kept on worryng about my sisters. They said im a kid cause I mixed up friendship and study. They said that im a loser. But I didn’t bother!

I didn’t care what people said cause my sisters were whom I pour out my hard stories with. Its not fair if I simply share my burdens with them but not willing to lighten theirs. Life is what we give back to others, not what we get from others.

i dont deny that i shared a lot of things with both of u. you are faithful listener. thank you. i was the chosen one to own sisters like both of u ! i appreciate both of u, may allah repay u with jannah.

Recently Im close to a girl. We had a conflict before, and im sure both of u knew whos her. I remembered the moments I dial up ur numbers to share my tears. I felt sad for what the guy did to me. I was heavily depressed. I called both of u, nearly an hour. I cried and u cool me down. U lend me your sholuders for my tears to drop on. U were there when I need u the most. I made a mistake for judging her before I know her better. But as soon as I realised that I was wrong, I called her and asked for forgiveness. I did mistakes. Her heart is more beautiful than I thought., cleaner than mine. I made an entry for her in my blog, we hangout during my birthday, we often comments kat Facebook , we share everything. She is sincere to me.

She is having holiday now, just like me. So, we often spend times together. She will go far soon. So, it is wrong if I become close to her? I don’t see any bad points there. I offered u guys to join us durg my birthday kan? Tapi, korang ade hal masa tu, so its okay, aku faham. Birthday je pun. Then, when I hangout with her, I asked you to be with us right? we came to ur house what. But one of u was in terengganu, so I didn’t ask u to join me for the seoul garden outing.

Is it fair if u claim me as LUPA KAWAN?

If korang xpuas hati sebab entry tu, yelah xfair sebab aq baru je kenal dia, then da wat entry cerita pasal frndshp kami.. ok, fine. But do u know that im collecting all the sweet and wonderful moments that we shared utk di postkan dalam blog aq soon? Aq baru kenal die, so cerite kami pendek. Cerita kita, confirm panjang berjela, so I need time nak syncronise semuanya.. aq kenal die xsampai setahun, kita kawan bertahun-tahun, thus friendship kita banyak memory..so banyak nak tulis, tengah draft. korang xtahukan ?

if korang xpuas hati sebab aq selalu keluar dgn dia, dia sleptover kat rumah aq. Let I ask u this, selalu jekan kita keluar same? Baru2 ni pun ade kan kita jumpa. : )

Just to stress on this , kami tengah cuti, dah hbs foundation. Otak kami tgah free. Korang tgah busy gila dgn assgmnent n kawat bagai.. Aq faham. Aq xnak korang rase terbeban kalau aq asyik nak ajak keluar la, nak msj la, nak call slalu.. im a student too, so I know.

Texting everyday , calling everyday.. does a true friendship need that ?

Do u know that im ur faithful stalker ? though I don’t text u evryday, I know ur timelines. Even kau couple pun aq tawu before u tell me. Kawan kau, kawan aku jugak. So if I asked about u daripda mereka, korang xtawukan ??

Commonla, we are adults. Xnak la sbb benda kceil ni, kita terasa hati. Then xrapat macm dulu..i appreciate that u guys love me a lot ! u care me so much.. alhamdulillah.

Everytime I wake up from my bed, ill check my phone, the first things I say will be, “ alhmdulilah allah masih pinjamkan mama n ayah, adik2 utk mel arini. Alhamdulillah xde message yg sedih tentang yin, dilah, alifah, they are well today ! ”.. setiap kali after solat, i ll say this " alhamdulillah allah mash pinjamkan kawan2 yg sgt memahami utk aq n bla bla bla ? " * xkan nak tulis do a aq kat sini pulakkan :p

Aq kena kena bgthu semua tu ke supaya xde orang yg akan terasa hati ??

Sometimes we have to keep those good things that we do for our friends utk pelihara keikhlasan hati. Xnak la riak n lorat2 cerita the ways I appreciate kamu. Korang sentiasa dalam doa aq, bukan slalu dalam doa aq. differentkan ?

“Distance will never alter the value of friendship cause DOA will always connect us ”

Anyway, IM SORRY for everything. I neglected both of u. Maafkan aq, sorry yea.

I don’t forget u !!! im not the one who dump their best friends when she got a new friend. Im not the one who forget those who cherished her teenage life just to be with those who are in her new life.

I hope that we will stay close to each other. May the profound friendship between us bloom till we die.

Smile, anyway masa nak fly nanty, korang dan alifah hantar aq kat KLIA ea.. *saje nak mengade : p

I love both of you more than i love myself

Our friendship will never end until my last breath

"tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu selagi dia tidak berasa gembira atas nikmat yg allah beri kepada sahabatnya"