Wednesday, 30 May 2012


i deadly want to join the gathering.. i fond of the speakers : (
exam, errr ! my last paper will be ended at 530 pm, on friday. 
I'm sure i couldn't make it..

:( :( :(

ps: raudhah, mel minta maaf xdapat teman really sorry, i can't do anytg.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

tadabbur alam

Allah the Almighty..
Lalbagh garden, Bangalore..
12th May 2012.

Tadabbur alam?
it sounds familiar right ? yes, it is ! do u really understand the definition ?
(understand means, u do and u practice what u know)

Tadabbur : to observe and appreciate with your heart, not just with ur eyes. 
                     to observe and understand with your brain, and all your sensory organs.

We hear the sound of the chirping birds, We smell the aroma of the beautiful flowers and we see a couple of beautiful butterflies...everyday, every minutes and every seconds..Oh its wonderful ! 
BUT, Do our brain manage to interpret the stimulus in a beautiful way, in an islamic way ? 

Have we ever thank Allah for the oxygen that we breath in ? How many times do we appreciate the creation of the sky ? What do we do when we stand in front of the cascading waterfall ?
Do we say " SUBHANALLAH " ??

"Dan sesungguhnya, telah kami ciptakan untuk isi neraka jahannam kebanyak dari jin dan manusia 
(mereka yang kafir)"
-surah al araf, 179 -

Being in this amazing world, make me realize that 
we should actually appreciate HIS creation by saying "HOW"
not " WHAT ".

how does the sun shine? how do the trees produce oxygen?
how do Allah hold the sky? how do the birds fly ?
NOT what is sun ? what are trees ? what is sky ?

" Allah-lah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi dan apa yang berada di antara mereka dalam enam hari, kemudian Dia bersemayam di atas singgasananya " 
 (As-Sajadah : 4)

From that gathering, i learn that we seldom appreciate HIS creation BUT we always complain to HIM for every things that do not satisfy our lust. Are we qualified to do so ?
so, from now on, OBSERVE HIS creation as a pioneer step to get close to HIM.
say " SUBHANALLAH hebatnya ALLAH ciptakan burung ni " not " cantiknya bunga ni".

" Sesungguhnya orang-orang kafir tidak berbeda bagi mereka, baik engkau memberikan peringatan kepada mereka atau tidak, mereka tidak akan beriman...
Allah telah mengunci hati dan pendengaran mereka, dan penglihatan mereka (dihalangi oleh) sebuah penutup. Dan bagi mereka siksa yang amat berat.
Ada sebagian manusia yang berkata, "Kami beriman kepada Allah dan Hari kiamat", padahal mereka itu bukan orang-orang yang beriman.
 Mereka hendak menipu Allah dan orang-orang yang beriman, padahal mereka hanya menipu diri mereka sendiri sedang mereka tidak sadar.
Dalam hati mereka terdapat penyakit, lalu Allah menambahkan penyakit kepada mereka, dan bagi mereka siksa yang pedih karena mereka berdusta "
(al baqarah , 6-10 )

- selamat beramal dengan alam dan al quran -

Monday, 21 May 2012

22 MEI 2012
happy birthday syakirin.

salam, hello, hye, 
hope u are doing fine, 
yea its 12 30 am in msia..

may this birthday clear ur doubts,
strengthen ur relationship with HIM,
raise ur iman.

Being friends with u for more than 8 years is what make me strong,
u cheer up my days, u wipe my tears..
you are my ever best friend in this whirl world.

happy birthday, may all ur dreams come true.
bittaufiq wannajah in ur future undertaking,
insyaAllah, ill always be by ur side.

"Dua orang yang saling mencintai kerana Allah, berkumpul kerana-Nya dan berpisah kerana-Nya."
-rawahul bukhari-
: )

ps :
i went to the Mahatma Gandi road last week,
to search for the best present,
but i didn't manage to kurier it by 22 may 2012.
I'm sorry.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

HE is answering me

Why India ?
“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, 
Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.”
  (surah al baqarah : 216)

On the second day of staying in Bangalore, we went to the Foreign Regional Offoce to register our residential permit. It was quite far from our campus, about 45minutes drive.  
Too many problems had to be faced as the officers were so annoying. They asked for unnecessary documents. Again, hatred filled the air. Everyone couldnt stop from complaining about the system there as we had to wait for more than 6 hours in the stuffy office.
Women are not allowed to enter any mosques in India. That’s their tradition. Guess what, there was no mosque at that area.

praying on the roof top under the glittering sun
We prayed at the roof top of an indian house. The sunshine stroke our face as the red sun was just above our head. Not all of  of us brought along our telekung. Praise to HIM for dressing me with a full covered cloth. There came a thought saying “ sebab tu la Allah suruh tutup aurat sentiasa, so that u can pray everywhere on earth”… Few minutes after we climbed on the stairs to reach the top, 2 indian men with six pads and fierce face came to me as my friends were paraying there. “ who allow u to do this here”.. “ why do u do this”.. he threw the questions  with loud n harsh voice. My heart stop from beating normally. It was such an abuse for a small kid like me.

I cried silently, started to think this “ why I choose India not Malaysia or even Australia?”.. it was super hard for me to pray under the hot sun with dusty air.. there was no halal restaurant near the F.R.O office. It was 8pm at night. I didn’t eat since my last meal at kak akma’s house last night.  I was starving badly in the old, suck bus. It took us 2 hours to reach the apartment due to the heavy jam. We had to come back on the next day AGAIN “.”

"Dan kami pasti akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit ketakutan, kelaparan, kekurangan harta, jiwa, dan buah buahan. Dan sampaikanlah 
khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang sabar"

(surah al baqarah: 155)

“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu (menghadapi segala kesukaran dalam mengerjakan perkara-perkara yang berkebajikan), dan kuatkanlah kesabaran kamu lebih daripada kesabaran musuh, di medan perjuangan), dan bersedialah (dengan kekuatan pertahanan di daerah-daerah sempadan) serta bertaqwalah kamu kepada Allah supaya, kamu berjaya (mencapai kemenangan).”

(Surah Al-Imran: 200)

Why India Hariyani ?
I got the answer form the sisters that night during our taaruf gathering.

“ Im sure some of u keep questioning HIM why HE sends u to India? Same thing happened to us during our first few days here as many of us were actually bound to Ireland n UK. “.. 
“Sabar adik-adik, Allah hantar kita ke sini sebab DIA tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita. “

“Tertundanya pemberian setelah engkau mengulang-ulang permintaan, janganlah kerana secebis doamu yang lewat diperkenankan engkau berpatah harapan. Allah menjamin pengabulan Doa sesuai dengan apa yang DIA pilih buatmu, bukan menurut apa yang engkau pilih sendiri, dan pada saat yang DIA kehendaki, bukan pada saat yang engkau ingini”.. –AL HIKAM, Ibnu A’thaillah As-Sakandari.

After all, alhamdulillah I was sent to India. It makes me become more grateful to HIM. Tengok orang miskin n homeless make me realise how lucky I am to have a super nice house provided by my parents.. how hard they work to ease my days n how beautiful my hometown is. 
Tengok orang solat tepi jalan makes me feel that bumi Allah ni luas sgt, mana2 pun boleh solat n we have to always prepare for the worse.
Having kakak2 usrah yang sgt baik eases my pain n lighten my burdens here. Yang bengkok dalam diri ni, mereka usaha untuk luruskan. They are the reasons why im still standing strong here, in this bumi rempah.

Stop complaining Hariyani. Bear in mind the reasons u choose India. Hold ur responsibility as a muslimah student here. Strive hard n don’t ever stop from seeking HIS redha.

Thinking about home n Malaysia, I just want to say loudly :
I MISS ALL OF U, my rabbits and my comfy pillow.

The soul of Medicine

1st May 2012

Tidaklah sama antara mukmin yang duduk (yang tidak turut berperang) yang tidak mempunyai uzur dengan orang-orang yang berjihad di jalan Allah dengan harta mereka dan jiwanyaAllah melebihkan orang-orang yang berjihad dengan harta dan jiwanya atas orang-orang yang duduk satu derajat. Kepada masing-masing ampunan serta rahmat.
Dan adalah Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

Alhamdulillah. The aircraft landed safely at Bengkarulu International Airport,Bangalore. It was 11.46 pm local time ( 2.16am msia).  Fresh air, cold weather about 23 C.
Fine, I had to pay RM 215 for the excess baggage. 4 kg extra as the plane is owned by “JPA” not MAS. Sakit hati. It was supposed to be 25 kg but the JPA officer just allowed us to bring along a 20 kg bag. The check in counter was filled with hatred as we had to unpack our luggage. GRADS card couldn’t be used at all.

Special thankx to my parents and handsome brothers who allocated their weekend to send me off. Tq too my family members n friends ( dila, ballet, alifah, zubed, hannah, afiz muizdn, aqilah azeman, aqilah su, khairiyah, izzaty n her brother, abg azrin n kak khatty, aunty elfira, uncle rauf,azira, dr roziah n aut rositah).. tq from the bottom of my heart. Im deeply pleased by all of u. Dila, I wont frget the moment u fed me with the fish n chip before my briefing. Alifah , tq for being the first one at KLIA. To Aqilah su n khariyah, aq terharu sgt korang kejar bas n berlari menuju ke level 5. “.” Although u didn’t see me crying, I did cry to HIM. Im hoping for a great muslim life and obedient heart here.

"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah & jangan pula kamu bersedih hati. Padahal kamulah orang-orang yg paling tinggi derajatnya, jika kamu orang2 yg beriman." 
( Ali-Imran : 139 )
To those who were not able to come, no problem dear friends. Don’t blame urself k. Its HIS faith. See u all soon. Syakirin, Huda, Jaja, Raudhah, Maziah, Atiqah salwa, Ammar, Faeez, Lubna, Aunty lily, Aunty yong , aunt Rositah,Dr roziah, ckgu suriani and all,  tq for the calls n messages. It is wonderful to have friends n aunts like kamu semua. Tq for ur concern everyone.

The flight was smoooth.It was my second experience to perform prayer in the plane after haj’s fligth few years ago. “ u are on the sky, near to him, praise to Allah”,said my mind.. my stomach was starving as I didn’t eat my dinner. The smell of chicken curry seeped into my nostril. “belum sampai india da kena makan kari? ” nurlin whispered..
We settled down at SHREERAM SADHANA APARTMENT, Gokula at 4am local time. An apartment with 3rooms, a pantry,kitchen and 2 toilets. I saw a swimminng pool with “splendid” garden.. eye soothing ? huhu no comment.

The tired body made us lay tightly on the bed. Everyone in my house woke up at 630 am. Its dhuha time. Allah, xsolat subuh lagi.
“qada’ ramai2”..
“dah solat subuh?”.. a message from kak akma, our usrah’s sister (5.30am)..
There is a vast diffrence btw prayers time In Bangalore and Msia. Subuh is at 4.45 am. So early rite? Huhu.
We board a bus to our college, International Medical School which is located besides Ramaiah Medical Hospital. The lecture theatre is similar to GSC cineplex. Awesome ! seriously it provides comfortable seats and great sound system. A good place to fell asleep “.”

The traffic here is super crazy as the rules are not being inforced strictly. One thing that amazed me is the driver.They are super good in using emergency brakes.
Ok then ,enough for the introduction of Bangalore, the second silicon valley besides San Francisco. 

Take care everyone. Have a good day yea "."
Lots of love n hugs from me, hariyani.
mama ayah, i miss u : (