Monday, 21 May 2012

22 MEI 2012
happy birthday syakirin.

salam, hello, hye, 
hope u are doing fine, 
yea its 12 30 am in msia..

may this birthday clear ur doubts,
strengthen ur relationship with HIM,
raise ur iman.

Being friends with u for more than 8 years is what make me strong,
u cheer up my days, u wipe my tears..
you are my ever best friend in this whirl world.

happy birthday, may all ur dreams come true.
bittaufiq wannajah in ur future undertaking,
insyaAllah, ill always be by ur side.

"Dua orang yang saling mencintai kerana Allah, berkumpul kerana-Nya dan berpisah kerana-Nya."
-rawahul bukhari-
: )

ps :
i went to the Mahatma Gandi road last week,
to search for the best present,
but i didn't manage to kurier it by 22 may 2012.
I'm sorry.

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