Wednesday, 3 October 2012

and again..

midsmester break..
bangalore, india.

"ungrateful human being.."

oh yeah, this is life. and life isnt easy..and its holiday ! this is what i have been waiting for..a week in which i can live with the most relaxing tone..i need more time for myself..MORE ! but how much ? 

friend : enjoy cuti
me     : cuti xbest
friend : sbb xdpt blk msia?

before the exam started, i harboured a dream to enjoy my holiday to the fullest..i planned it carefully so that i wont be driven into the homesick mood..but when the holiday knocked my door, i complaint a lot..too much leisure time,books cant even be searched in my room..but food adorns the table..
when i asked myself what i want in life, the puzzle cant be completed..why ?

"again, ungrateful human being"

the episode of my life potrayed a horror scene yesterday.. she posted a picture regarding a verse in quran talking about " dont come close to zina"..tears blinked back from this slit eyes..
what have i done?
i just thought of being friend with him, them..just a simple comment n wallpost..but again, i forgot that 
"good intention doesnt allow any futile actions"..

for the hundred times, i stormed my head with this question, what is the purpose of my life ?
enjoy making friends, study to level of infinity, taste every single food on earth, stalk people from all walks of life, log in into facebook n twitter ?
are these my intentions of living on this whirlworld?
NO !

"I created man and jinn for no other purpose than to worship Me only"
 (Dhariyat 51:56)
do my actions reflect this ayyah ?
let i keep the answer within my soul.

i encountered a verse saying that, " there is no bad pathways to reach a good ending "..
yeah its true.. you cant become rich by stealing people's property.. you cant become brilliant by copying other's examsheet.. ohh maybe u can, but it wont last long..

everyone wants to end up in Jannah, but not everyone acts like a jannah dweller.well said.
is it enough by just reading n memorising quran, being good to parents can grant u a ticket to the ma'wa?
we never force ourself to potray muslim's character..the way we talk, we dress up..
but we blame HIM for testing us with thousand of difficulties..
we never hold our responsibilities to conveyIslam,
but we leave it to asatizaah n muallim..
human never satisfies with everything that have been granted to them..

a friend asked salehhuddin al ayubi.. 

" why dont u smile "
he answered : "how can i smile when al-aqsa is conquered by kafirun"

how about us ? have we ever cared about our sisters and brothers there?
yet we complaint a lot when we didnt get what we want !

So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. 
(Surat Al-Baqarah: 152 ) 

ask ourself what we want in life.. ask for His guidance.. follow His rules.. 

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