Sunday, 1 September 2013

i call friend

weekend..the only leisure time i have..
and this weekend opens my eyes.. widens my mind.
to appreciate those i claim as friends.

instead of studying n pouring on the pathology book like i always do,
i scroll down the timeline, stalking my friends..get into their conversations..
i know i miss them so much..

yeah,some people say they can live alone without friends,
they can succeed without their hands.. doesnt happen to me.

they are vasodilators that widens my smile,
they are beta1 agonist that stimulate my heart,
they are alpha2 receptor that dry my eyes..

we become friends for the sake of Allah..
we help each others to spread the risalah,
we support each others in doing dakwah..

i do have few friends who wears my shoes everyday,
who sweeps my tears during the days,
who listen to my nightmares to lift up my days.
thank you allah for lending them to cheer up my days !

and guess what,
they laugh at my jokes eventhough its not fun at all,
they coverup my steps everytime i fall,
they are my precious possesions after all.

they know me when i say no,
they understand me when i say yes,
they know how hard i pretend,
they feel how strong my heart can stand.

they text me when they know i need them,
they call me when they know i have to be with them.

they are the persons i keep on doa everytime,
those i take into account not only during free time,
those i care all the time,
those i hope to meet in jannah at the secret time.

i miss them, i miss talking to them..
i miss everything about them..

dedicated to : 213, 036, 203, 1511, 225, 015, 272, 205

thank you, i know i ll not find such friends like u !

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