Friday, 22 November 2013

my few minutes

few minutes before gerak ke Kauthar..

i browsed throughout the internet..
just realised that recently, i have been too busy with my life here..
without spending enough time for my beloved friends..not like before, when we used to text each others often, n shared many things happens to all of them..

im not sure why it happens..
but yeah..i realise that its happening and this condition is getting worse..
i talk less, i acre less.. but i just don't mean to do so..
i can't even manage my own time.. I'm sorry..
a post caught on my eyes..i know she misses me..she misses the way we accompany each others on Skype..share the same together..

I'm sorry, but trust me.. every names are being recited in my doa insyaAllah..

yes, i miss the " old us ".. truly i miss every single conversations..
give me some time, I'm adapting with this road, less taken struggling for it..
yes i know you are doing the same things too..

do take care of urself dear friends..
if we can't manage to meet n talk a lot in dunia, we will meet in Jannah insyaAllah..

lot of love,
mel :"(

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