Sunday, 11 March 2012

my mature sisters

triple love
civil engineer + nephrologist + forensic psychology

We are best friends since from 4 i guess ! in early 2008, i have this conversation at the school canteen "sape lg weyh dapat selandar?kau, huda dgn aq kan, weyh nak pindah ke x ni ha?" huda and me were selected to represent our school for FORUM REMAJA. Huda is the amazing one. She had been elected as our Future Head Girl whereas tiqa was a superb netball and handball player for our school. It was hard to make a decision either to leave or stay because we kept a dream to participate in F1 in school as well. Huhu semua kami nak masuk kan? whatever la,its the time to enjoy n gain experiences.Actually i really felt reluctant to leave fadhilah. She is my super best friend,same goes huda and tiqa.But at the end, we managed to enrol in SBPI Selandar. The first few days of school was quite gloomy. ade yg da start nak patah balik sekolah lama. But we didnt feel so. Kononnya sgt tabah di sekolah baru. "weyh huda, dorg speaking lorh kat sini"..huda replied "budak SBP kut, mane main cakap malay"..kau ingat x huda perbualan kita ni mase otw nak pergi DM, tqa pun ade mase tu. Both of them were in 4 Ar Razi but i was been dumped to 4 Ibnu Sina. sebelah2 je pun. hehe. Every nights after prep with the sleepy face, i would pack my stuffs and went to their class " da pukul 10 lebih, jom balik". .pergi sekolah same, makan same, riadah same,solat same, mengaji same, menangis same? huda je xnangis..hehe. Life in Selandar was so much different from Sharodz. Seriusly i didnt study AT ALL there. i would just sleep during prep n play durg class. huhu. ade one night tu, when i went to their class, i saw syafiq tgah ajarkan dorang Physics. It stroke my face "ok i have to study" : ) tiqa asked me, "kau balik x minggu ni?" replied was "mestilah balik".. i never experience a weekend life in Selandar. After all, we returned back to our former school. Maybe our destiny was there. Alhamdulillah we got flying colours for SPM. Allah is a great planner right? HE will always provide the best for u.
"Adakalanya Allah memberi sebelum sempat kita menadah tangan, kerana Dia tahu apa yang kita inginkan. Adakalanya Dia mengambil sebelum Dia memberitahu, kerana Dia lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Adakalanya Dia sedang menguji tanpa kita sedari, maka Dia anugerahkan akal untuk berfikir, memilih jalan terbaik..Dia maha mengetahui"
We were brave enough ! during Eidul Fitri 2008, we went beraya at Iman's house. Huda's lovable boy. Seriusly they are meant for each other. guess what ? kami naik 2 motor tanpa lesen, lalu main road ke rumah Iman. hehe. nway ni gambar mereka, serasi bersama. InsyaALLAH we pray for boh of u sis :) we are good friends though we seldom chat. but i believe that we always pray for each other. yes im proud of them. i am ! to me, mereka sgt hebat.. huda dgn kawat kadet polisnya, tiqa dgn netball + handball..they got flying colours as well ! the most important thing is mereka sgt mature. they can give valuable advises to me since sekolah dulu smp sekarang. i can say that they are my big sisters : ) just press their numbers, im sure u'll hear their happy voices ! masa form 3 dulu, form 2 pun.. hari2 rehat dgn tiqa, makan bekal same2 di bukit sharodz.. cerita mcm2 kat dia, n she never refuse to hear the same episodes of my stories. sometimes dila n ballet pun join if our classes didnt clash. i started to be closed to huda during form 4.. i admired her sbb die cantik. huhu. mereka xpernah menguzurkan diri for every single gatherings or kenduri at my house, thankx dear sisters ! for now, i just have few days left utk bersuka ria bersama mereka, as well as dila n ballet. i miss them ! i miss their laughs. if u ask me why i love them?.. ill said , we..
Thankx for the valuable friendship ! i love u girls. May Allah bless u and ease ur path ! U can count on me, anywhere, anytime k ! Semoga kejayaan sentiasa mengiringi langkahmu. Please promise me that distance will never alter our freidnship ? InsyaALLAH ill never forget wht u did for me. Doaku snetiasa ade utkmu.

-with love,mel-

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