Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ya allah dia sgt baik.

a wallpost sent by ila to me :

last week, my lec said ,

''i know u care for yr patients. but as a doc, to take care of them, u have to take good care of yourselves first. get enough sleep, eat well, live healthy''

kamu nk take care dila n yin nnti, kamu kne take care diri sendiri dulu k :) please tell me there is any precaution or ways to cope with the dust in bangalore nanti. i am worried to let u go =((

What will u feel if someone sent this to u? she cared me so much ! sebak bila bace wall post ni, seriously i miss her, nearly every days we keep on textg each other even its costly, but i don't mind as long as i can know her updates ! die sangat baik to me. . even da fly pun, die xkisah nak msg mel tanya khabar. u know what, as i stepped in the Minangkabau airport i got a message from her " take care kat indon"... i didn't tell her that i went for holiday there, but she did stalk me cause she cared me so much !
if u are in my shoes, i swear u will feel delighted for her care.. serious! she has very nice personality, she is a caring person.

ila, mel harap ila pun boleh jaga diri elok2 kat sane k, mel pun risau pasal ila..cause still xde intrnt connction kat uma kamukan.. sush sikit nak skype, mel xsabar nak dgr cerita pasal practcal n ur 2weeks life snce our last conversations through Skype art.. td tengok gambar ila pgg lembu tu, happy nye die, alhamdulillah dear !!! lega tengok, esok mel tunjuk mama ila taw gambar tu :)
i miss u! tp xtwula camaane nak explain feelings yg sgt RINDU ni.. :(
i will always pray for u dear, n I'm proud for yr test's result! alhamdulillah past. amazing !!!!! bukan senang beb, first sem plak tu blajar bnda yg xpernah diexplore.. great work darling !
strve harder.. insyaallah kamu akn berjaya.
take care !

may allah bless u.
iloveusomuchsister <3

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