Saturday, 1 September 2012

Paula creamer vs McIlroy

mood :
feeling cold down my spine..winter in india..
sweater n socks..
last few days of syawal..

salam alaikum.. hello everyone , hope u are doing fine  : )
isnt too late to wish happy eid mubarak right?
Happy Eid Mubarak ! Have a blast a celebration with full of rahmah~

baju raya instant, baju besaaar gila : D

ok back to real story..
oh paula vs mcllroy ! actually i wana start the day with a proud tone of my brother's fabulous tournament ! as usual, ill call my parents twice a day though there is nothing much to be talked about, but i believe that they are my pioneer spirit to lead the day.. they are EVERYTHING to me..
nak dapat pahala lebih~
i called my mum last night n she was quite busy...macam biasa,heee :)

10.30 pm in msia, and my mum was still busy discussing wth my father about the court..iron lady :) 

mel     : "salam alaiki mummy, mama sihat? free to talk?"
mama : " walaikum salam syg, im fine..but quite busy now.. ill return ur call in few minutes okay. btw, alif won the tournament n he is awesome ! "

pardon ! he is awesome ? yes he is !

budak comel !
actually, he went to Singapore last friday to enroll in a big tournament..he told me that he had been chosen to participate in this international junior i asked him this..

mel : agak2 boleh menang x? main system ape?
alif : confirm champion insyaAllah.. stroke play.. 
mel : kalau menang mel bg ball marker titalis..
alif : nak putter baru ! training la kat india tu, balik bole lawan adik..
 *demand ! siap nak lwan dgn kita ni.. taula awak tu hebat :P

budak SUKMA 2012
i miss them !

my hero ! a state level tennis player..

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