Thursday, 27 September 2012

how do u appreciate ur mom ?

yes, i miss her smile...
Al fatihah <3
27 september 2012, 1215 pm.. 
im done with the midsemester exam..alhamdulillah.
let Allah decides the rest..

"nak buat ape cuti seminggu ni ? balik malaysia ?  "
.. typical question that always knocks me off..

1) to complete reading those books suggested by madeeha
2) to complete reading solusi latest edition
3) to complete memorising the jzk by the end of the holiday...
4) to make a beautiful, inspirational card untuk Alif before he sits for PMR.
5) skype with ila to discuss about the muqayyam..
6) viber call kak hazirah to chat and tell her about my exam..
7) skype with raudhah as promised..
8) qada' tidur.. err do i need this ?

in a nutshell, a lot of things should be completed during this holiday : )
as i stepped in my house, i grabbed the mac book.. 
the other tabs were on Facebook, tafsir quran and you tube video related to muslim..

scrolled down the newsfeed, this caught my eyes !

highlight :
* call ibu setiap hari
*setiap hari menunggu panggilanku 
my granda passed away last week.. Allahu qayyum..she suffered from kidney failure and she used to undergone a by-pass operation for the heart block 11 years ago..

“Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception” 
(Ali ‘Imran: 185) 

“All that is on earth will perish. But will abide (for ever) the Face of thy Lord- full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour”. 
(Ar Rahman: 26-27).

yes, we are human.. HIS abid, HIS creation.. and  we belongs to HIM..
death comes when we least expect it..Her death was a suprising news for us, especially FOR ME !
cause i just called her a night before she passed away, and we talked a lot regarding my studies, food and examination.. she didnt miss to bombard advises and motivational words on my head..

her last words : " kau sihat cu ? dah makan? bila periksanya ? usaha jgn lupa, 
                            bangun sembahyang malam"

yea,she was not so close to me like my other grandma.. but i do love both of them equally..we can share stories about politics, life, economy up to religion..i called her often..i was being trained to do so since i was a small kid.. 
my mom use to say this to my siblings :
" if u dont love my mother, it means u dont love me cause she is the one who deliver me" 

i got a call early in the morning.. the grief moment overwhelmed my day.. it was during my study week!

 " Allah, i just called her last night n today she left me n my mom..i have exam next week,this is too hard for me, ya Allah"... i whispered softly, tears blinked back form my eyes.
i used to promise her that i ll be there to bath her dead body someday..nenek cakap dia xnak meninggal kat hospital.. bt Allah has planned everything..i promised that on the day of her death,i ll be beside the jenazah n khatamkan sorry, i broke my deals.. Allah.
what could i do ? india n msia are miles away ! *this is why i hate studying in oversea !

regarding the status on facebook, its from my mom's wall..i know that she called her mom everyday WITHOUT miss ! she seeked for her doa everyday.. all the time..
nothing can overlap ur mother's doa..its very powerful..
i know 10% or 20% of my mom's salary was equally allocated for my grandma..
bukan nenek xmampu pun, nenek ade je duit pencen sbgai guru.. tapi mama cakap keberkatan duit tu bertambah bila kita bersihkannya dgn sedekah kat ibu ayah kita sndiri..
nenek xharap pun kami belikan barang dapur n what so ever, dia just nak kami balik kampung jenguk die every weekend..nenek sntasa faham how i feel bila ade exam, nenek akan sntsa bg smgt kat mel..
nenek xsuka stay rumah mel sbb dia lebh selesa dgn ayam n itik dia kat kampung, dia xsuka duduk bandar..nenek xpernah miss buatkan kuih maruku utk cucu dia stp kali hari raya..
aaaa, i miss u : (

my mom is currently 5o years old, ape2 decision mesti tanya pendapat nenek..cause she trusts ilham yg Allah beri kpada ibunya.. even nak beli rumah kedai pun, mama akan bawa nenek tengok..before attend meeting dgn Dato Ali Rustam tu pun, mama akan call nenek mohon dipermudahkan urusan kerja dia.. see, how much she loves her !

mama slalu cakap ,
"jgn rasa rugi untuk memberi ape2 to ur mother, Allah will repay the gifts with more fabulous rezeqi.. call ur parents everyday walaupun busy mane pun awak, xckup tangan ke, tekan phone n dial their number.. redha Allah terletak kepada redha ibu bapa.."

ok, this is why i call my parents everyday without miss.. i dont bother if kawan2 cakap macamni :
" asal kau call mak kau setiap hari ? membazir je pagi petang, kau cakap ape? xbosan ke? nak tanya ape je?"..

errr,, call mak bosan ke ? PELIK ! anda bosan kerana anda tdk sepenuhnya menghargai kehadiran mereka :D
mcm kita treat boyfriend jugak, bosan ke call boyfrend hari2 ? xbosan kan sebab kita syg n appreciate die! samelah dgn kes ni.. fikir-fikir kan la..
ps: i dont have boyfrnd, i wrote this accordg to what saw..

i call them twice a day..memang byk credit habis, i reload 300 rupees per week to call them..even ade je skype or viber, tp dorng xguna smart call mobile phone.. xrugila, trust me ! daripada call / whatsapp/viber/line or berchatting dgn boyfrend, call girl friend yg haram tu..better u chat with ur parents, dapat pahala.. Allah redha..hati, girls n guys.. grab la peluang ni smentara dorang masih ade.. dorang bukan nak duit kita pun, dorang cuma nak dengar suara kita, nak tahu yang kita baik2 sahaja kat sini, nak dengar kita cakap kita sayang mereka..dorang mmg xsuruh kita call, tp jauh di sudut hati tu, they want to hear our voices..dorang rindu..dorang risau.. 

Mohon sedekahkan al fatihah untuk nenek tercinta, moga dia ditempatkan dlm kalangan org beriman , insyaAllah

# semoga cuti kali ni dapat dimanfaatkan di jalan Allah..insyaAllah..


  1. innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'un..
    *semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 beriman.. amin*

  2. jazakillah dear >.<