Monday, 23 January 2012


im scared of chicken,
i used to throw a dream for the extinction of chicken,
i know its bad.. but i SERIUSLY can't live peacefully when there are chickens nearby..
*ok i don't mind if u are laughing..

A fact to be shared is chickens have feelings ! OMG !

More specifically, they have empathy -- the ability to feel the emotions of other chickens,
if you are what you eat, then there may be a good reason why you have sudden anxiety that drumstick you're gnawing on may have felt the same way.

This means, chicken eaters, that it's possible the birds you eat have the ability to

"feel the pain" of their neighbours in

high-stress situations, such as when birds are being gathered for slaughter.

The researchers literally "ruffled the feathers" of chicks with puffs of air and measured the reponses of their mothers.

The hens' heart rate increased, their eye temperature lowered -- a recognised stress sign -- and they became increasingly alert. Levels of preening were reduced, and the hens made more clucking noises directed at their chicks.

Whatever its,
right this minute,
i can't eat eggs due to my ALLERGY.

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