Thursday, 26 January 2012

hari bersama mazie

maziah n her siblings

we had a marvelous lunch at windmill, MMU..
semua cerita keluar, yg da basi pun ada,
♥ gila ♥ mad ♥ crazy
well, thats us..
i fetched her *susah betul pegi rumah org kaya ni
i had to stop down at the guard post..
gossip girl wooo~ but we didn't talk bad things la.. kan maziah kan>?
just childhood stories..
anyway, I'm proud of u for ur amazing final result..
3.9 is freaking good babe !
alhamdulilllah, all the hard works beared fruits..
strive harder for ur degree yea..
n dont forget to search for A SPECIAL BOY FRIEND..
I'm looking forward to meeting the lucky boy..huhuhu
maziah, take care there..
study well yea *jgn nak tidur je
hope to see u soon girl :)

....thankx for the awesome day, i can't stop from laughing....

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