Monday, 23 January 2012

BB pin

Recently, she bought a blackberry phone..

She asked for my pin yesterday...

She added me in her contact..

That is Afifah Mohd Sukor.

My ex-housemate, my imam and my good advisor in hostel.

We had a short conversation,

She was busy with her assigments,

Studying optometry in Cardiff UK is not a simple job,

But she managed to sail well.

One of her question was,

( yani, hows ur tahajjud at home? Aq kat sini susah nak teruskan )

*but I know she still can wake up in the middle of night to pray n zikir,

I know you fifah..

If u said u are bad, I am double or triple bad girl..

The innocent face that u own, sincerity in every actions u did,

They reflected everything about you.

And my replied was,

Same goes to me la dear,

Iman ni naik turun je, Lemah gila.

So the point is… She always remind me to Allah,

though she is miles away from me, UK and Malaysia,

OMG its not near maaaann !

We often got a simple quarrel to be the makmum,

she will qamat before i said "ALLAH....,

Her voice and tajwid were great,

Her freaking favourite surah is Luqman I guess..* coz she often read it.

I saw a checklist in her face everytime I looked at her,

What checklist ?

She listed down all the ibadah that she should do in each particular day,

That is AMAZING !

And she will tick it one by one after she did it..

What a great woman she is.. and she is my friend !

She hates cat and I hate chicken,

Im proud to be one of her super good clown,

She often laughed at my jokes though its not funny at all,

She accepts me for the way I am.

She never bullied me in hostel..

She said that she pity me cause I am just a small kid,

She is a good girl.


i hope that we can always remind each other to be better,

distance doesnt separate our heart right?

i did A LOT OF SINS..

I love u .

Take care there.. thankx for being my REMINDER.

May Allah bless u and repay ur kindness.

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