Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happy Birthday Princess

its my sis birthday !
dear nor ainatul asyila...
happy birthday princess, 26.02.1992..
semoga ulang tahun kamu this year brings u happiness n joy,
offer chances n more oppurtiny for u to be a superb muslimah vet,
may u live well there, may u stay well there.. may ur dreams come true..
may allah bless u, may ur entity ends in the heaven : )
i love u small sista !

p/s: dialing up ur hp num 0061 + 4 + ........., yeayy i got u with the romantic voice,huhuhuhu :P
gud luck for yr first day of stduyg, gud luck for the first step in veterinary science !
trust me u will do well,insyaallah !

-with ♥ , mel-


  1. ahahaha..sayang!! i texted u just now but i dont have enough credit to do so hehe. so i'll just type here la ea.. sorry for last nite!! i really hope i can talk to u in a proper way not in mamai condition!! aaaa maluu~~ actually, i did wait for yr wish yesterday taw! i thought u couldnt online but there was a recent comment at fb. and i did think u wanna be the last to wish so i wait till 12pm, then baru tido. i just assumed u might be buzy and have forgotten hehe..thnx 4 da call!! :)))

  2. OMG, nvrmnd its okay sis. :( sdh nya.. sorry buat kamu tunggu..sorry sorry :( i remmber ur bufday dear tp tertdo, aiyaaa ! how can i forget.. tp suare tu mmg xkan bole dilupakan smp bebila, i did ask " ila ke tu "... series suara sgt lain..heeheh. nway I'm sorry dear for the late wish.. :( tc there yea !