Monday, 13 February 2012


-friendship will never end-

sounds familiar right ? but i have my own definition for it.
she is my friend, she is my sister as well.
the bond will never end, its eternal,
cause paradise will be the ending point,

loving u is a must, caring u is my pleasure,
being with u is what i treasure.

your words of cheer,
its what shaded my fears,
without ur spirit and strength, maybe I'm not here.

standing by ur side,
pouring tears on your shoulders,
holding hands, lending ears,
thats what make us stay together.

Dear sister,
our friendship costs an arms n legs,
its not a race and will never be replaced.
face to face,
breaking apart will be so hard,
cause the value is beyond the yard.
thank you for those countless hours that u spent for me,
thank you for lending me ur hands,
thank you for caring me more than a friend,
thank you for throwing advises on me to fill in my empty can,
thank you for holding my hands away from HIS gun.

ill be leaving soon,
we will be thousand miles apart,
but keep believing that " distance will never let our heart apart"..
May Allah bless u, May HE repay u with Jannah.
i love u more than what minds can flash,
i care u more than what words can describe,
i need you more than what heart can whisper,
InsyaAllah DOA will connect us.
Take care yin, my future lawyer.

-with love, mel -

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