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Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is one of the safest and most versatile natural supplements.

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Evening Primrose oil contains gamma-linolenid acid, GLA. Its actually an essential fatty acid thought to have anti-infallamatory and others healing properties. When ingested, GLA is converted to prostaglandins,compounds that help to regulate several bodily functions.

mind to know ? lets read it loud : )

Evening primrose oil is perhaps best known for its ability to ease symptoms of several female problems which are :
1) pre-menstrual syndrome
2) endometriosis
3) fibrocystic breasts
4) enzema.

During menstruation, sebenarnya badan kita akan release prostaglandins. Prostaglandins yg dikeluarkan oleh badan kita ni yg buat kita senggugut due to muscle cramps. So, kita perlukan GLA dalam Evening Primrose Oil sebab GLA ni akan ditukarkan kepada prostaglinds yg akan interfere the production of the bad prostaglandins oleh badan kita, this will eventually help alleviate menstrual cramps. Supplement ni pun lessen pre-menstrual breast tenderness.

Fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil are believed to reduce breast inflammation for women suffering from fibrocystic breasts. It is also thought to aid in the absorption of iodine, which is often decreased in women suffering from this condition. Actually, bila badan kita xle nak absorb iodine efficiently, kita akan suffer from muscle cramps.. xkisahla kat anggota mane pun, tp bg wanita, we will probably kena senggugut kalau kurang iodine dalam badan.

For eczema pulak, eczema terjadi sebab badan xmampu nak metabolise fat dgn sebaiknya. Sufferers selalunya xle nak convert fat tu jd GLA. So bila kurang GLA, kulit akan senang gatal-gatal, kering dan mengelupas. In this case,evening primrose oil can be taken orally or applied as a topical cream. Dah alang-alang cakap pasal eczema ni, aq ade terbaca satu artikel which stated that coconut oil boleh cure penyakit ni, just apply minyak kelapa kat kulit yang bermasalah tu, then it will heal soon. Sebab myk kelapa tu ade byk lauric acid.

Dementia and Alzheimer's patients may also benefit from taking evening primrose oil. The supplement is thought to aid and strengthen nerve impulses, thereby repairing some of the memory loss associated with these disorders.

Tetapi, ade keburukannya jugak, mind to scroll ? baca ni :

The only severe side effect is a possible increased risk of epilepsi lobus temporal pada pesakit skizofrenia yang mengambilsejenis ubat yang dipanggil dadah epileptogenic phenothiazine.
Patients suffering mania xle ambil supplement ni, because it is speculated that evening primrose oil may make their symptoms worse. Mania tu depression. Lastly, It is generally recommended that pregnant women do not take evening primrose oil, because it may alter the composition of breast milk.
anyway, semua ni mcm xde kaitan je dgn korg kan?
so why don't korg try makan benda ni, it works !! serious ~

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL ni bole dapat kat farmasi : )

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